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Tonight 8PM CET: GUIDOS LOUNGE CAFE 491 (Slow Cruising Speed)

Tonight Guido van der Meulen will guide you to happy moments in #chillout and #lounge - don't miss it at 8PM CET on

Some words about this set from GUIDO: I woke up early in the night, and I felt the urge to create a mix

Feeling like in a dream still, while I created this

Enjoy this my friends, it's for our enjoyment only

And think about the artists behind the music, they are the real heros in here

Peace and love to you all :)

Bpm around 82 (perfect chill groove)

For track lists and more info on the artists:

Link to Spotify playlist:

00:00 Intro - Intro

00:15 Simply Chill - Coming home

03:47 Weber & Weber - If Yesterday Becomes Tomorrow

09:26 Lounge Groove Avenue - Fly Away

12:25 Seon feat. Ekaterina - Under the moon (full moon mix)

15:43 Euphonic Traveller - Cafe Champs Elysees

20:57 Aiemo - Seduced at 17th Floor

24:18 The Viva Precinct - Slave To Your Love

30:42 The Relaxomatic Project - Every day there's something

36:30 Thievery Corporation - Un simple histoire

40:22 Zero 7 - Speed dial no 2

43:56 Trog'low - Grace (ode to Jay and Jun)

46:56 Clive Button - It Feels So Good

51:06 Comatrixx - Champagne & Lobster

55:04 Zoomin' feat. Fay Sephirah - Purify Myself

58:53 Pier O - Arthur's Cooking

Kind regards




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