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Tonight 8.00 pm cet guido the story ep 0084 I feel Love

Tonight with Guido s Lounge Cafe we Bring you on a journey into the history with the best of Guidos lounge Cafe episodes on

About Guido My name is Guido van der Meulen, I’m happily married to my beautiful wife Astrid and I live in the Netherlands in a small town called Geleen. My love for Lounge Music started during a vacation on the island of Bali. At that time, my life was very stressful and this particular vacation opened my eyes to a world of relaxation and inner peace to that allowed me to listen more carefully to music. While I was there, I bought a Chillout CD in one of the local Balinese markets and to this day, I still remember the warmth of the morning sun as I sat by the sea and listened to the CD and discovered the Genre of Chillout for the first time! As I listened, the music that came from my laptop put me in such a beautiful place emotionally that I felt compelled to discover more. I had never felt that peaceful before and for sure, it was a life-changing moment. When I arrived home from the vacation, I had 20 albums in my suitcase. That is how it started for me. That one moment was so inspirational! It gave my life a new direction and now I spend my days putting together the kind of Chillout and Downtempo compilations that inspired me so much all those years ago. Every time I start a new mix, my mind goes back to that morning in Bali; the morning that started it all! And now, thanks to this love of Lounge music, I have many friends throughout the world that find themselves inspired in similar ways (artists, producers, record labels etc.) and I also have a great time running my virtual (Guido’s) Lounge Café on Face Book. The popularity of the page is growing rapidly and every day I discover new friends! It is true that we never know what life brings us and so we have to make the best of every situation! I did exactly that, I love

life and someday soon, I will be going back to Bali to get some more CD’s

About this Episode I wanted an upbeat set, but I also wanted that first track in the set... so... it worked out fine

00:00 - 04:30 Donna Summer - I Feel Love (GoldLounge Love mix) 04:30 - 11:38 Miklos Vajda - csak elmerengek(deepitlosz sagt jetzt passt mix) 11:38 - 16:19 Nacho Sotomayor - Experience (voz bebe) 16:19 - 23:04 Noise Boyz - Green Eyes (Spacejazz Mix). 23:04 - 32:09 Goran Tehnofonika - Sentopea - (Riccicomoto rmx) 32:09 - 36:03 Romu Agullo - Montecarlo Beach 36:03 - 40:59 Didascalis - Could It Be (feat. Daniele 'Dano' Caprelli) 40:59 - 44:19 Plej - Static Friction 44:19 - 50:38 Cool Madina - Calo des Moro 50:38 - 51:38 Kaya Project - Hirajoshi 51:38 - 57:09 Kaya Project - Nightflower (kaya project mix) 57:09 - 61:32 Solar Sides ft. Pepe Illescas - El Lugar de los sentidos



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