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Tonight 8.00 pm cet Exploration of jazz

Tonight we bring you The Golden gate Quartet from New York with some classics gospel Cover Get ready for a travel around the world of jazz. dont miss it on

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About the golden gate Quartet

The Golden Gate Quartet was formed in Norfolk, Virginia in 1934 as the Golden Gate Jubilee Singers; it has borne its current name since 1941.

The group earned its first acclaim on Columbia, South Carolina's radio station in the 1930s. His national breakthrough came when he took part in John Hammond's famous jazz revue From Spirituals to Swing at Carnegie Hall in 1938. As a result, the four appeared on radio programs across the United States and in the jazz club Café Society. In 1941, when they performed the musical accompaniment to President Roosevelt's inauguration, they were the first black music group to perform at Washington's Constitution Hall. In the same year she released her first record and undertook her first foreign tour, which took her to Mexico.

During World War II, the group's popularity continued unabated, helped by war songs such as Stalin Wasn't Stalling. During this time she also appeared in several Hollywood films, such as Star Spangled Rhythm, Hit Parade of 1943 and Hollywood Canteen.

After the war, the Golden Gate Quartet could not maintain its outstanding position in the field of gospel, but had to share its fame with new groups such as The Soul Stirrers, which sometimes met the changing taste of the time better. Not least because of this, the quartet largely turned away from the USA and went on numerous foreign tours, which included e.g. to Canada, several European countries, the Middle East and Japan. There they sometimes performed together with stars from the host countries, such as Gilbert Bécaud, Jacques Brel or Heino, with whom the quartet Schwarzbraun ist die Hazelnut sang in German. For this reason, the quartet appeared in 2005 as guests of honor on Heino's preliminary farewell tour. In 1981, the Golden Gate Quartet played in the Basilica of Lourdes in front of 2,500 people - another 20,000 had not been admitted. In 1990 in Bordeaux it was even possible to gather an audience of 100,000 people. It wasn't until 1994 that the group performed again in their native USA.



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