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Tonight 6pm cet ODYSSEY BIRTHDAY DAY 2

⛵ The Odyssey Music Podcast ⛵

🎉 Birthday and 1-Year Anniversary 🎉

Dirlasion and Desert Raven thank each and every one of you for joining us on this incredible journey. Our global tribe now numbers in many thousands, and each one of you is dear to us. We would love to meet you all one day! Your support and love has been a huge part of what makes this such and organic, beautiful community. We started out over a conversation, grew into weekly interviews and dj sets, then on into radio, then into an upcoming record label, then on into live events, and community-building. One tribe, many villages, one heart, many acts of love. We love you, and, in collaboration with our incredible family at @easygrooves Radio, we bring you this week's outstanding lineup of Odyssey Family artists from around the world, with their own unique musical journeys and stories to tell, yet all perfectly complimenting each other in the flow and energy and vibes. Enjoy the journey!

⛵Today's Lineup: 23 December ⛵

⭐18:00 SRS (UK) B2B Krista (Italy)

⭐19:00 Desert Raven (USA)

⭐20:32 Maris (Spain)

⭐22:34 Joca (Canada)

⭐23:34 Momo Khani (Spain)




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