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Today 2.00 pm CET Sunday in the oasis

Winter wind whistles wildly on the Oasis while we're preparing ourselves to welcome our Sunday residents... It's the second Sunday of the month and resident MaxStei opens this special pre-Valentine gathering, with a set filled with this tenderness that remains, useless and vain, when a dream has been so vivid that it couldn't turn real without waning... Sunday will start onto this "Forgotten dreams" ecstatic dance, introducing our two new residents : Magician Dante, who promised he wouldn't take us into hellish circles, although resident Fairy Jennyloco, coming after, could certainly redeem us all ! Those wonderful dark'n'deep vibes will take us into the night, and our homie Ent Dirlasion will make his gratefulness resonate all around the Oasis ! Witchy Professor Owl ShAnkAri should arrive at this time from her lone Tree, with a Valentine riddle-set, "The Happiness Equation", before Pixie Resident Nanopix sprinkles his delicious and soothing vibes, to put some of us to sleep, telling us the fifth chapter of his Third Eye Chronicles... Happy Valentine's MoonDay then, Lovers of the world ! We're now 59k regular audience on Sunday !

Please join us, 2pm and enjoy !




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