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8 pm CET Alex Bee exploration of jazz special guest Michele zara

Tonight we bring you Michele Zara from Italy for a special episode of exploration of jazz including an exclusive interview of him and the presentation of his album full Ep coming out 12 March 2021 Available in all the major Platforms On Board

Starting from the love for jazz, passing by the deep feeling of Blues, going under the Funky rhythm , the elegance of the Soul, the ambient of the lo-fi hip hop, with new sounds , new prospective, considering the innovation and the great technologies on the market, arriving to the sublime image that the fusion of each flavour can create. Michele he will pass by create gipsy jazz Melody with his guitar in live shows, to elaborate on studio funky soul lo-fi tracks with strong melodies and components. His versatility on play instruments, mixing and mastering he brought him a constant amount of work during his career with live shows performance and studio recording jobs.

Born and Raised in Sardinia ( Italy), he starts to approach the music at the age of 6, taking piano lessons from a local teacher. He will play during his childhood in different school shows and supporting local musical community acts with his keys. At age of 15 he start to learn guitars and music softwares. He played in few local band guitars and keys. He decide to start to travel as Musician and he went to London where it start to hang out with blues and jazz musicians at jams and clubs. He fast learn standard blues and jazz repertoire and start to make a living from Busking sessions. He collaborate with famous producer “ SOUND SYSTEM” in tracks and samples for sell purpose. For his 24’s Birthday he decide to bring his busking business outside of Europe moving to Miami where he get in contact with different latino flavours and sounds. He meet few producers and decide to work together. He will be back for some work in London again and after 7 months move to Brisbane ( Australia) where it start a MUSIC PRODUCTION course at TAFE Music School. He graduated at the age of 27 and he start his own studio Business helping local emergent artist in production and Mastering. Through his 4 years of Living In Australia Michele play in several bands and record few albums in his studio for marketing purpose : funky, Soul, but mostly Jazz. He run Cabaret shows supporting with his music and he start to create soundtracks of different genres ( Soul, blues ,house techno, lo-fi ) uploading them on SoundCloud. On his 29 he make a tour with few jazz bands in Japan and Spain playing in pubs and clubs. At the moment Michele is back to Italy , working in multiple projects in different styles.

Contact E-mail: phone number: +393477344947 Facebook: Michele Zara or https:// /?modal=admin_todo_tour Instagram: Sound Cloud: Michele Zara Youtube channel: UC7KQkNLvDhX7HMW_WkBX52w Spotify: si=5imtnwTESCCTFM1Coii9CA Apple Music:



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